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Name Author Description Price ISBN
Huey Morgan’s Rebel Heroes Huey Morgan The renegades of music and why we still need them £18.99



The Little Book of the 1970s Stuart Hylton A fast-paced and entertaining account of life in Britain during an extraordinary decade. £9.99



Sixties Boys Unzipped Alan Hammond The sequel to Hammonds first autobiography, this volume takes us into 1967, Radio 1 and beyond. £7.99



BBC Radio 6 Music’s Alternative Jukebox 500 extraordinary tracks that tell the story of alternative music. £20.00



Freddie Mercury Lesley-Ann Jones The Definitive Biography £19.99



Brook Benton: There Goes That Song Again Herwig Gradischnig/ Hans Maitner The Biography of Benton based on newspaper clippings compiled by Benton himself. £12.99 9780956267986

Down the Highway Howard Sounes The Life of Bob Dylan, the definitive biography. £14.99



Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre Mick Wall A biography of The Doors £20.00



Procol Harum: The Ghosts of a Whiter Shade of Pale Henry Scott-Irvine This major biography traces the roots of Procol Harum back to 1964. £19.95



Billie Holiday: The Musician & The Myth John Szwed Billie Holiday is a major new biography of America’s First Lady of Jazz by one of the greatest music writers of today £20.00



Rock the Nation Roberto Avant-Mier Latino identities and the latin rock diaspora £19.99 9781441164483

Guitar Collins need to know All the gear, techniques, abd tips you need to play the guitar. Free CD £9.99



Acoustic Territories Brandon Labelle Sound culture and everyday life £16.99



Michael Jackson Style Stacy Jackson This book provides the definitive retrospective style record of the King of Pop’s amazing career. £24.95



Bowie on Bowie David Bowie ed. Sean Egan Here is the ultimate introduction to Rock’s most distinctive voice. £14.99



Ticket to Ride Graham Sclater Ticket to Ride is a satisfyingly filthy, yet delightfully innocent romp through bars and clubs of late 60s Germany following The Cheetahs. £9.99



Neil Young Mike Evans The definitive history of Neil Young £19.99



Neil Young: Long May You Run, the illustrated history Daniel Durchholz/ Garry Graff Here is a book that dares to document Neil Young’s legacy. £14.99



Drum-Kit Manual Haynes How to buy, maintain and improve your drum-kit £21.99



The Blues: A Visual History Mike Evans Charting the history of the blues from its rural roots in the American South, and focusing on the key musicians and singers who bought it into recognition. £24.95



Margrave of the Marshes John Peel This is an astonishing autobiography John Peel began to write before his untimely death in 2004 and completed by his wife Sheila. £7.99



Creation Stories: Riots, Raves and Running a Label Alan McGee The memoires of Alan McGee – the charismatic, outspoken founder of Creation Records; a man who become one of the most influential figures in British music. £8.99



Richard Little: The Birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll David Kirby In a time of racial segregation, Little Richard brought people from every background together with his music. £13.99



The Walrus was Ringo – 101 Beatles Myths Debunked Alan Clayson and Spencer Leigh This book takes the most outrageous misconceptions about the Fab Four and proves them to be false. £12.99



Behind the Rainbow: The Tragic Life of Eva Cassidy Johan Bakker Bakker’s exploration of cassidy’s life is thorough, perceptive and celebratory, and the story he tells is an absorbing one. £16.95



Catch a Wave: The Rise, Fall and Redemption of the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson

[ x2 ]

Peter Ames Carlin This is the definitive story of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. £18.99



The True Lives of My Chemical Romance: The Definitive Biography Tom Bryant Insightfull and revealing, The True Lives of My Chemical Romance is the definitive biography of the most adored rock band this century, a story of self-belief and pursuit of dreams. £12.99



I Go to Extremes: The Billy Joel Story

[ x2 ]

Bill Smith Bill Smith brings us an extraordinary personal account of one of America’s legendary music superstars. £14.99



Record Store Days Gary Calamar and Phil Gallo Filled with more than 150 photographs, Record Store Days chronicles the past, present, and future of the shops that have enthralled generations of music lovers. £15.99



Bruce Springsteen and the Promise of Rock ‘n’ Roll Marc Dolan Smart and incisive, this unique book takes us though Bruce Springsteen’s life by tracing the cultural, political, and personal forces that shaped his music. £12.99



Love Me Tender: The Stories Behind the World’s Best-Loved Songs Max Cryer The stories behind 40 of the world’s best-loved songs, from ‘Blue Moon’ to ‘Moon River’, from ‘Greensleeves’ to ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’. £9.99



Elvis: The Secret Files John Parker As controversy rages over supposed Elvis sightings, and theories abouit the manner of the star’s death in the summer of 1977, bestselling author John Parker has obtained access to the personal files of J. Edgar Hoover and later FBI files. £19.99



Butterfly on a Wheel: The Great Rolling Stones Drugs Bust Simon Wells When Keith Richards threw a drug-fuelled party at his house in early 1967, it was never going to be an uneventful affair. £14.95



Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Joel McIver The gloriously chaotic career of Black Sabbath stands as testament to the indestructability of British Rock at its most extreme £9.95



Songs Only You Know: A Memoir Sean Madigan Hoen A powerful memoir about a family shattered by drugs and a young man’s life in the Detroit rock underground. £17.99



Back on the Road Again Dave Nicolson The final in the On the Road series – the three volumes contain 55 interviews with artists from the 1950s and 1960s who have contributed significantly to popular music. £12.99



Jay-Z: The King of America Mark Beaumont This fascinating book tells all, revealing how the good, the bad, and the corporate are all part of the incredibly far-reaching Jay-Z legend. £19.95



Talk Back: An Easy Guide to British Slang Brian Poole Signed copy £9.99 (no ISBN)
LMH Official Dictionary of Jamaican Reggae and Dancehall Stars VI L. Mike Henry & K. Sean Harris A brief look at some of Jamaica’s musical stars both past and present. £5.99


The Universal Tone Carlos Santana The intimate and long-awaited autobiography of a legend – an inspiring story of musical fearlessness. £20.00